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1969 Feb Established "Japan Information Services Co., Ltd." independently from The Sumitomo Bank Ltd.Capital: ¥100 million
1970 Aug Capital increased to ¥200 million
1971 Aug Capital increased to ¥400 million
1972 Jul Capital increased to ¥600 million
1977 Jan Opened Nagoya Branch
1980 Feb Opened Fukuoka Branch
1982 Sep Opened Sapporo Branch
1985 Oct Osaka Head Office moved to Yotsubashi, opened Yotsubashi Center
1988 Aug Capital increased to ¥1 billion
1989 Dec Changed name to "The Japan Research Institute, Limited" and newly established Integrated Research Division
1993 Jun The JRI System Solutions, Limited (merged with The Japan Research Institute, Limited in April, 2000)
1994 Nov Tokyo Head Office and Integrated Research Division moved to Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku
1995 Apr Merged with Sumitomo Business Consulting Co. Ltd, capital increased to ¥2 billion
May Opened Hong Kong Branch (Representative Office from October, 1999)
Oct Opened New York Branch
1996 Aug Opened Singapore Branch
1998 Sep Acquired the Privacy Mark, which is awarded to firms practicing proper protection of private information.
Nov Acquired Japan Quality Award
1999 Sep Acquired Office Automation Award
2000 Apr Merged with The JRI System Solutions, Limited
May Acquired ISO14000 environmental management systems.
2001 Apr Integration of the research businesses by Sakura Institute of Research Inc.
Jul Opened Tokyo Center
Dec 12 Integration of the consulting businesses bySMBC Capital increased to ¥3 billion
2002 Nov Transform to holding company structure. Capital increased to ¥10 billion.
2003 Feb The Japan Research Institute, Limited became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.
Apr The systems-related function of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation shall be transferred to and integrated into The Japan Research Institute,Limited