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Organization of the Center for the Strategy of Emergence

JRI's the Center for the Strategy of Emergence analyzes and researches tasks and problems that government, society, companies, and industries are facing, and create new business that meets and satisfies client needs.

Environment Business Cluster(Eco & Recycle Business Field)

  • Incubation on eco and recycle business
  • Proposal on government-business project and structural reform, such as Private Finance Initiative, Public Private Partnership and environment infrastructure

Activity Sample

  • Management of construction and operation of industrial waste disposal facilities
  • Advisory on management and operation of garbage recycling centers
  • Material Tracing IC System Consortium 2003~2005

Energy Business Cluster

Incubation on energy business and start-up support Proposal on energy policy and planning support

Activity Sample

  • Energy Service Provider Consortium
  • Decentralized Energy System & Software (DESS) Consortium 2003~2005

Environment Social and Governance Research Center (Environment and Financial Fields)

  • Environment-conscious behavior in the financial industry
  • Research on Socially Responsible Investment

Activity Sample

  • Eco Fund 2006

Intellectual Property Cluster(Intellectual Property Business Field)

  • Regional development utilizing intellectual property, incubation on industrial policy, start-up support, policy proposal, and planning support

Activity Sample

  • Basic research on university-launched ventures
  • Research on intellectual property utilization in higher education institutions

Bio Business Cluster(Bio Business Field)

  • Incubation on Bio Energy related businesses

Activity Sample

  • Bio Net Consortium 2005,2006