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Overview of Operation

Meeting multiple needs with speed and precision through coordination of research,consulting,and systems integration

JRI's activities in "knowledge engineering" are elaborated through the coordinated application of its think-tank, consulting, and systems integration functions. The different operational divisions in charge of these functions work in close collaboration through interdivisional project teams, an approach which ensures reliable and speedy response to the specific needs of each individual client. These activities proceed from the standpoint of the consumer and unfold toward various goals, including identifying new issues and challenges for companies and society at large (issue-raising), providing and facilitating means to solve specific problems (solutions), and nurturing new markets and enterprises (incubation). Through the diversity of this activity JRI generates newvalues in each field above and beyond those envisioned by individual companies or the general public.

By thus offering consumers and businesses new goals and values, JRI's activities in integrated "knowledge engineering" are maximizing our society's potential and opening up new avenues of hope for the future.

JRI's Economics Department analyzes and researches macroeconomic trends and international affairs from its original point of view, publishes research and study results, and submits proposals based on them.

JRI's the Center for the Strategy of Emergence analyzes and researches tasks and problems that government, society, companies, and industries are facing, and create new business that meets and satisfies client needs.

Comprehensive research and practical consulting providing strategies and policies to shape the 21st century

Managing large-scale, mission critical systems. Realizing highly stable, highly reliable non-stop business.