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Results of “Comparative survey of consumer insights in major Asian cities”
— Propensity to consume is higher in 7 major Asian cities than in Tokyo; consumers are not only in search of low prices but base their choices on the presence or absence of a variety of added value factors —

May 28, 2012

  The Japan Research Institute, Limited (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Junsuke Fujii; “JRI”) in December 2011 carried out a “Comparative survey of consumer insights in major Asian cities” with a view to establishing a picture of consumer trends in the Asian markets.
 In recent years, Asia has been a focus of attention both for the size of its population and for its economic growth. The concentration of populations in Asia’s cities is making them increasingly attractive to Japanese companies as consumer markets. However, few data are available on consumer trends at city level, and it is difficult to analyze the reasons for consumer trends and the consumer values that lie behind them. For this reason, JRI interviewed men and women in their 20s-40s of “middle class” or higher (annual disposable income US $5,000-35,000) living in 7 major Asian cities and Tokyo, regarding the topics shown below, with a view to gathering quantitative data on consumer trends in major Asian cities to allow a comparative analysis with Japan.

● Ownership of and propensity to purchase durable consumer goods
● Consumption and consumer needs in the “Health & medical care”, “Housing”, “Children” and “Tourism” sectors
● Satisfaction with “urban infrastructure”

News Release

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