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Survey on support for the homeless and other poor persons
— A survey on the activities of supporting organizations in Japan and supporting system in other countries

June 22, 2011

The Japan Research Institute, Limited, with aid of government grant under the Fiscal 2010 Welfare Promotion Project, conducted a “Survey on support for the homeless and other poor persons”. The results of the survey, in outline, are as follows.

・Over 30% of supporting organizations provide one or more of the following services: providing clothing free of charge or at low cost, accompanying to government offices and hospitals or clinics, providing advice, checking on physical safety; around 20% of these organizations provide these services on a daily basis. Of the supporting organizations that cited home, medical care and health-related services, if accompanying to hospitals and clinics is excluded, less than 20% provide such services. Expanding this kind of services is the problem that confronts the supporting system in Japan.
・In other countries, most supporting systems are intended for not only to homeless people in the narrow sense, but also to those in unstable housing situations. And, government often provides general support and outreach services in partnership with private supporting organizations.
・With a focus on those at high risk of becoming homeless, private supporting organizations can provide various and specialized services. It is also worth considering the best way to provide support in collaboration with the government.

News Release

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