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JRI Successfully Manufactures Bio-methane Using VPSA Technology
- Facilitating Appropriate Disposal of Organic Waste and Energy Recovery -

November 20, 2006

The Japan Research Institute, Limited

To whom it may concern:

The Japan Research Institute, Limited (JRI, head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yasuyuki Kimoto) recently worked with companies participating in its sponsored Bio.Net Consortium to develop an innovative gas refinery system using vacuum pressure swing absorption (VPSA).

Today, kitchen garbage, stock raising residue, and other types of organic waste need to be used effectively from the viewpoint of reducing the burden on garbage incinerators and taking countermeasures against offensive smell and other types of pollution. In particular, biogas generated in the process of anaerobic organic waste fermentation is attracting public attention as carbon-free energy, which does not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere even if it is burned.

The recently developed system enables methane enrichment, a process for removing hydrogen sulfide and other impurities in biogas and increasing the thermal value of gas, which required huge, expensive equipment in the past, in a single small apparatus that can substantially reduce initial capital investments and easily be operated and maintained. This allows small sewage treatment plants, food processing factories, livestock farmers, etc. to become a source of gas supply.

JRI aims to realize the world’s first system of distributing gas to users in local communities by networking these sources of gas supply and turning the manufactured gas into bio-methane, a gaseous body that has properties and conditions close to city gas.

For more information on the content of this report, please contact: Kazuyuki Akaishi, the Japan Research Institute, Limited.

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