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Release of Press-Forming Simulation Software,
JSTAMP-Works/NV, after a Full Revision Adopting Armonicos'
Three-Dimensional Form Processing Technology

June 10, 2004

The Japan Research Institute, Limited (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Shunichi Okuyama; hereafter referred to as JRI) has released its press-forming simulation software, JSTAMP-Works/NV (http://www.jri.co.jp/pro-eng/)*1.

JSTAMP-Works/NV is the next-generation version of the software entitled JSTAMP-Works that JRI has developed and marketed. The full revision this time includes the adoption of a process connector, spGate*2, and a development platform, CAx Platform*3, both of which are three-dimensional form-processing products developed and marketed by Armonicos Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture; CEO: Masahiro Akiyama; hereafter Armonicos).

JSTAMP-Works/NV is an all-in-one pre/post press-forming simulation system that utilizes our impact/structural analysis software, LS-DYNA*4, as its core solver. Following the release of JSATMP-Works Ver. 1.0 in 1996, the software has been introduced widely to the press-forming industry, particularly the automotive and machinery segments. The full revision this time includes the transition from the UNIX*5 platform to the Windows*6 platform as a result of adopting the CAx Platform for the creation of "pre/post" analytical models and the processing of analytical results. In addition, the Japanese language has been made available for the menu, messages, and online help, to facilitate operation by users.

As before, the solver, LS-DYNA, supports most of the major OSs, including Windows, EWS, and HPC. It is also equipped with parallel computing capability to enable high-speed computing, utilizing relatively inexpensive PC clusters, etc.

In the area of CAE, including press-forming simulation, the interface with CAD is extremely important. The analytical models used in CAE are created from CAD data. However, users use various types of CAD software and a number of CAD data formats exist. In order to smoothly handle various CAD data and to shorten the time-to-market of software as much as possible, JRI has adopted the highly acclaimed multi-exchange software, spGate, on the front end of JSTAMP-Works/NV. As a result, the healing (i.e., automatic correction of forming data) quality and the CAD data reading speed have improved markedly and easy comparison between the simulated post-processing form and the original CAD data has been realized.

Moreover, JSTAMP-Works/NV may be equipped with an optional feature of form assessment capability utilizing the CAx Platform. This enables automation of the conventional manual processes of aligning CAD data and analytical results as well as distance measurement, which is expected to result in the reduction of mold designing man-hours and the improvement of analytical precision.

The above-mentioned features can reduce the simulation man-hours by more than half (excluding the computation time needed) in relation to the series of processes from the preparation of analytical data to the product form assessment based on the analytical results.

The retail price of JSTAMP-Works/NV is the same as that of the existing model; however, we also offer a special JSTAMP-Works/NV package for beginners at a discounted price.

The planned sales target of JSTAMP-Works/NV for this fiscal year is \300 million.

(*1) JSTAMP-Works is a registered trademark of the Japan Research Institute, Limited.
(*2) spGate is a registered trademark of Armonicos Co., Ltd.
(*3) CAx Platform is a special system development platform utilizing spFrame (spFrame is a registered trademark of Armonicos Co., Ltd.) that is sold and supported by Armonicos Co., Ltd.
(*4) LS-DYNA is a trademark of Livermore Software Technology Corporation.
(*5) Unix is a trademark of the Open Group.
(*6) The official name of Windows is Microsoft Windows Operating System, and Microsoft is a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

All customer inquiries should be forwarded to:
Yoshihiro Hase
Engineering Technology Division

Tel: 03-3515-1020

All press inquiries should be forwarded to:
Yoshihito Sato
Public Affairs Dept

Tel: 03-3288-5360

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