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Commissioning of "New Non-Life Insurance Agency System"
- Japan's First "Non-Life Insurance Agency System"
Developed Under the Leadership of an Insurance Agency -

March 31, 2005

Ginsen Co., Ltd.
The Japan Research Institute, Limited

On April 1, Ginsen Co., Ltd. ("Ginsen"; Headquarters: 4-6-12 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Mutsuhiko Matsumoto)will bring its "New Non-Life Insurance Agency System" (hereafter "New System"), developed with the cooperation of The Japan Research Institute, Limited ("JRI"; Headquarters: 16 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Shunichi Okuyama) into service at all of its branches.

Non-life insurance agencies normally use non-life insurance agency systems provided by direct insurance companies (a different system for each direct insurance company) to manage their contract/client management and non-life insurance agency work.

The "New System" is the first system developed in Japan that, through a tie-up with Insurance System Solutions Co., Ltd. ("ISS"; a company established as a joint venture between a number of major life and non-life insurance companies) allows the management of information (contracts/clients/performance/income and expenditure) from the perspective of the non-life insurance agency, without relying on the direct insurer.

Since the merger between three agencies in 2003, Ginsen has operated a number of non-life insurance agency systems, but the commissioning of the "New System" will allow (1) the unification of non-life insurance agency business procedures and (2) the unification of Ginsen's systems.

Specifically, the New System will provide a foundation that will allow Ginsen to offer a service with high added value, ensuring a rapid and appropriate response and the best possible answer to the needs of non-life insurance subscribers.

The unification of complex business procedures and input and output formats, which differ from one direct insurance company to the next, will allow the simultaneous input of contract information, income and expenditure information, and business performance information. This will allow Ginsen to achieve major work efficiencies and obtain a picture of past, present and future performance at sales personnel, branch and company level on the day after data input, and will enable the company to create an environment that harness a range of indicators to support the formulation of business strategies and sales strategies.

Through the efficient management of its business resources, Ginsen will consolidate its position as an integrated insurance agency. In the future, by linking the New System with life insurance systems, Ginsen aims to develop its business as an " integrated insurance consultant", achieving one-to-one marketing at a higher level than other agencies and offering a service that puts the customer first.

The tie-up with JRI, which has a long track record in the building of systems harnessing expertise in finance and insurance business, has allowed Ginsen to create a new business model for non-life insurance agencies. To promote greater efficiency in non-life insurance agency work, Ginsen and JRI plan to make the "New System" widely available and provide consulting, systems integration, implementation and commissioning services to non-life insurance agencies.

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