Overview of Operation


Center for the Strategy of Emergence

The Center for the Strategy of Emergence is one of JRI’s departments. Our mission is to establish new social systems and realize cutting-edge businesses in Japan and overseas. In order to solve social issues, we not only “Think” but also “Do” as professionals.

Focus area

1. Agriculture

  • Realization of profitable agriculture, and restoration contractors of Japanese agriculture.
  • Rural digital transformation to revitalize Japanese agriculture.
  • Autonomous multifunctional agricultural robot development.

2. Transportation

  • Realization of regional revitalization through next-generation mobility (CASE and MaaS).
  • Development of a service that supports last-mile mobility for the elderly (and others) by utilizing automated mobility (autonomous vehicle) within a limited scope that includes residential areas.
  • Study of the risk assessment process of community-vehicles.

3. Senior Healthcare

  • Support the realization of communities with a high quality of life through technology for seniors.
  • Expand the potential and scope of activities of seniors and service providers.


  • Collect and analyze corporate information from the aspects of environment (E), society (S), and governance (G) by using a wealth of experience in SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) and evaluation-type financing.
  • Popularize ESG/SDGs through financial products that we support for human resource development that realize sustainability.
  • Actively disseminate information on SDGs, ESG, work style reforms, declining birthrate themes, etc.

5. Smart Infrastructure

  • Development of a system that visualizes the operation of factory equipment and the movement of people from energy data, and identifies the place and time when a problem occurred.
  • Development of a system for diagnosing and evaluating the residual value of the secondary use of storage batteries installed in electric vehicles.

6. Global/Smart Cities

  • Implement the project in cooperation with partners not only in Japan but also in foreign countries.
  • Develop a city plan and business plan in the areas of energy, transportation and the environment in China.
  • Support the formulation of a master plan for the development of environmentally friendly industrial parks in Thailand.
  • Support the development of city planning as an airport development project in Australia.