Overview of Operation


We propose practical solutions based on a medium- to long-term perspective and vision, and support their implementation.

The global economic, business, and social environment continues to change at an accelerating pace, influenced by events occurring around the world, and the challenges we face are becoming increasingly complex. To survive in an unpredictable, unclear and severe external environment, business transformation that can create truly competitive products, services, and human resources and continue to grow is essential.

Since the start of our consulting services, the Research & Consulting Division has provided a wide range of services, ranging from policy recommendations, incubation, and strategy planning to implementation, to all types of organizations from major global corporations to administrative and public institutions in Japan, as well as supporting numerous transformations.

We provide innovative and realistic solutions by making full use of our extensive experience and the latest management techniques that we have accumulated, and our global network, including China. Our team of professionals with a high level expertise can organize projects as desired to provide the best solutions for diverse needs and contribute to the continuous growth of our clients.

As a partner who works together with our customers to tackle change, we will help society and companies unlock their potential and create wold-class value.

Consulting Service

1. Management Strategy and Business Strategy

  • Formulation of management vision, company-wide strategy, growth strategy, and digital strategy (business domains, allocation of management resources, etc.)
  • Formulation of medium-term management plan
  • Risk management, crisis management, and BCP
  • Overseas strategy and Chinese market strategy development
  • Vision with ESG, SDGs, and CSV in mind
  • Formulation of medium-term management plan and integrated report

2. Group Management and M&A

  • Group business strategy formulation and business structure reform
  • Business due diligence
  • Pre/Post M&A strategy development and execution support
  • Establishment of M&A promotion infrastructure
  • Group headquarters reform and support for transition to a holding company
  • Building group governance
  • Shared services

3. Business Management and Financial Strategy

  • Support for corporate governance reform
  • Development of business management structure
  • Formulation of financial strategy
  • Formulation of group fund management strategy
  • Promotion of cash flow management
  • Preparation for initial public offering (IPO)
  • Development of internal control

4. Management Improvement and Profitability Enhancement

  • Formulation of business revitalization scheme
  • Business due diligence
  • Formulation and implementation of management improvement plans
  • Planning of cost reduction measures and the formulation of measures to enhance profitability using digital devices and technologies

5. Strengthening Marketing and Sales Capabilities

  • Formulation of marketing strategy
  • Sales innovation, sales process reform
  • Formulation of competitive strategy
  • Formulation of brand strategy
  • New product development
  • Support for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer data utilization

6. New Business Development

  • Formulation of new business strategy
  • Support for establishing in-house ventures and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)
  • Support for the promotion of open innovation
  • Development of a new business beyond expectations by using future insights
  • Business development using the latest technologies (AI, IoT, robotics, etc.)

7. Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  • Formulation of management strategy and the improvement of profitability
  • Strengthening sales force and business management system
  • Business succession
  • Development of successors and executives, human resources development and education
  • Debt IR

8. Business Reform and IT Promotion

  • Formulation of IT strategy, information system conceptualization and planning
  • Business process reform
  • Development of IT management and IT governance
  • Project Management and IT Procurement
  • System audit, diagnosis, and system investment evaluation
  • Support for the introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

9. Technology Strategy

  • Research and development management
  • Innovation promotion support
  • Intellectual property strategy formulation
  • Expansion of business domains based on technology
  • Inventory and reassessment of technological resources and formulation of external sales strategies
  • Developing proposal-oriented engineers

10. Personnel Affairs, Organization and Human Resource Development

  • Design of personnel treatment system
  • Design of executive compensation system
  • Formulation of CEO successor development plan
  • Formulation of group human resources strategy
  • Formulation of HR Tech strategy
  • Human resource management in conformity with “Work Style Reform”

11. Industry Creation and Regional Revitalization

  • New industry creation 
  • IT utilization
  • Agricultural business creation
  • Regional brand strategy
  • Regional revitalization and population decline reversal strategy
  • Support for small and medium-sized companies to expand their business overseas

12. Promotion of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP)

  • Public Real Estate (PRE)
  • Drawing up PFI business plan
  • Drawing up PPP plan
  • Asset management
  • Effective utilization and commercialization of public assets
  • Policy formulation and implementation

13. Communications, Media, and Content Strategy

  • Formulation of management strategy and business strategy
  • Research on trends in products, services, and markets
  • M&A-related research and consulting
  • Recommendations for related policies and measures
  • Web marketing
  • Building a new business model

14. Environment, Energy, and Resources Strategy

  • Formulation of management strategy and business strategy
  • Market environment/policy trends survey
  • Building new business/business model
  • M&A-related due diligence (DD)/consulting
  • Promotion of environmental management/support for CO2 reduction
  • Overseas expansion/support for infrastructure export (Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), etc.)

15. Healthcare, Nursing Care, and Senior Business

  • Business strategy and overseas expansion of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and nursing care
  • Advanced medical business strategy, business development for seniors
  • Support for human resource development
  • New entry into the medical, healthcare, and nursing care industries
  • Use of technology in the fields of nursing care and healthcare
  • Business strategies for health promotion and preventive healthcare

16. Retail Strategy

  • Formulation of management strategy and growth strategy
  • Support for omni-channel strategy and the introduction of measures
  • M&A, alliance strategy
  • New business strategy, withdrawal from non-core and underperforming business
  • Operations and IT strategy
  • Support for introducing measures and project PMO (Project Management Office)