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JRI provides consulting on wide range of fields, such as management strategy, finance strategy, computerization strategy, and personnel strategy, each of which involves the utilization of information technology.

Operation Innovation and Information Technology Strategy

  • Business process reform
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • e-business
  • Optimization of information technology investment
  • Outsourcing
  • Knowledge management, etc.

Activity Example

  • Time has changed!
    "Construction of New Business Models"
  • Impact that web servicing gives to a company
  • Progress of collaborative supply chain ? What is substantial innovation in intercompany value chain
  • "Theory of Constraints (TOC)" and "The Goal" ? New production system by applying TOC

Management Strategy and Management Control

  • Management strategy construction support
  • Business model construction support
  • Group management
  • Marketing strategy construction support
  • Net business strategy
  • Corporate value management
  • Brand management
  • Risk management
  • International strategy
  • Support for public offering of stock, etc.

Activity Example

  • Implementing business model innovation
  • Review of operation process coping with changes in business environment
  • Promotion of strengthening marketing competency by introducing scientific method
  • New age of brand strategy ? influential website changes the cosmetics industry
  • Company's structural reform to survive in the 21st century
  • How diminution accounting affects a company and how it should respond to diminution accounting in the future
  • Business strategy construction for public offering of stock

Personnel and Organization

  • Personnel strategy
  • Competency management
  • Design of personnel system and compensation system
  • Design of pension system
  • Design of personnel information system
  • Construction support of human resource development system
  • e-learning, etc.

Activity Example

  • e-learning changes a company
  • University organization in the transit period, human resource management
  • Personnel strategy, personnel system, competency management, introduction and application of personnel system
  • Human resource strategy, role standard systematization, competency model by job category and by hierarchy
  • Management by Objective, discretionary labor system, seminar for managerial staffs, seminar for personnel evaluation managers, seminar on management by objective, and study meeting for labor unions

Social Public and Environment

  • Administrative reform
  • e-government and e-municipality
  • Educational reform
  • Public-private partnership
  • Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
  • Sustainability solution
  • Information technology advisory, etc.

Activity Example

Vision construction for new regional development

  • Research on reality of merges of local governments and proposal on merger promotion for the future
  • Verification of merger effects of merged governments
  • Merger support for two cities and two towns in Saitama Prefecture
  • Revitalization project of Nihonbashi area
  • Business to develop energy resources from wastes
  • Planning of environment master plan
  • Promotion support of overall energy conservation

New Business Development and Technology Strategy

  • Technology strategy construction support
  • New business development
  • Support for ventures
  • New product development
  • Agribusiness
  • Healthcare business, etc.

Activity Example

New Business Development and Technology Strategy

  • Consulting on new product development and strengthening proposal-based sales Improving skills of project members through practical training
  • Introduction of information technology into the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry
    Introduction of supply chain management, development of new agribusiness and new fish business
  • Development of healthcare business for the private sector
  • Cyber marketing, mobile marketing


  • Financial service strategy
  • Innovation of financial operation and information technology strategy
  • Credit scoring
  • Securitization of claimable assets
  • Introduction support of net finance business
  • Construction support of card strategy, etc.

Activity Example

  • Construction support of credit card system
  • Operation process reform and project support for credit companies
  • Strategy construction support for bank branches
  • Audit of banks information system

Overseas Strategy

  • Planning support of overseas strategy
  • Preparation support for expanding business overseas
  • Management support for local concerns overseas
  • Providing information on practices overseas
  • Funded research on overseas markets, etc.

Activity Example

  • Planning support of overseas strategy
    Preparation support for expanding business overseas
    20 projects were supported for business expansion to China and other countries
    (Accomplishments in 2002)
  • Management support for local concerns overseas Improvement support of labor management at local plants in Indonesia, China, and Thailand (Accomplishments in 2002)
  • Funded research on overseas markets
    Research on International Competitiveness of the Chinese machinery industry
    Research on Reality of Attracting Industry in Asian Countries
    Research on Influence that China Gives to East Asia (Accomplishment in 2002)

Plan and Proposal Based on Multifaceted Research and Analysis
JRI's Consulting Department plays the central role in knowledge engineering activities.