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JRI to Provide Sales Reform Solutions Using MOSCO Pattern Order Type CRM Software

December 02, 2004

Japan Enters an Adjustment Phase as Real GDP Growth Slows to a Virtual Standstill

The Japan Research Institute, Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president: Shunichi Okuyama) has recently developed the MOSCO software package, which is designed to centralize management of customer information and strengthen sales capabilities in a short period of time and at a low cost by choosing business patterns and system components that suit the customer's sales type, based on the many results of JRI's sales reform consultations. In the past, few customers were able to make full use of a customer relationship management (CRM) software package after introducing it. Based on such customer opinions, JRI has resolved that the first step of MOSCO should be simple and small in scale. MOSCO will be expanded gradually according to the degree to which customers can use it effectively, enabling them to carry out sales reforms successfully.

The initial introduction-related cost of MOSCO is around \20-30 million for a customer with approximately 500 sales personnel. JRI aims to earn revenues of around \400-500 million from the sales reform solutions using this software package.

1. What is the MOSCO pattern order type CRM software package?

The acronym "MOSCO" is made up of "MO" for "most," "S" for "simple" and "CO" for "communication for CRM." Hitherto available CRM and sales force automation (SFA) software packages have forced customers to adapt their business processes to the software. In contrast, the MOSCO business support software is designed to allow customers to carry out business reforms flexibly and effectively according to the issues they have to address and the objectives they have to accomplish.

MOSCO has the following distinctive features:

- Enabling customers to start on a small scale with the number of functions narrowed down to a minimum
Software offering too many functions is difficult to manage and may lead to confusion on the part of users, causing the users to eventually abandon it. MOSCO is an on-demand software package that enables customers to use components prepared in advance for the assembly of functions needed to meet their business requirements. As a result, high cost performance is realized.

- Easy-to-use interfaces
MOSCO offers component windows that make customization easy. This makes it possible for customers to pursue easy-to-use windows. For data analysis, the familiar Excel software from Microsoft can be used.

- Enabling users to develop MOSCO while using it As described above, functions that comprise the windows are offered as components and therefore, the number of input areas can be increased or decreased and the item names changed by simply updating the setting files. For this reason, the functions can be adapted more easily to sales activities and customer-related operations in which information to be managed changes with the situation, even after MOSCO is introduced.

2. What are CRM solutions using MOSCO?

Sales activity (customer-related operation) reforms vary markedly according to the business type and the situation with which the customers are faced. They range from achieving greater operational efficiency to ensuring the sharing of knowledge among sales personnel and strengthening sales management. Taking these into consideration, JRI has made it a policy to propose practical reforms that meet the situation and requirements of individual customers and incorporate the opinions of frontline sales personnel, rather than provide consultation services in a manner that forces overseas success stories and successful theories on the customers. As a result, the necessary requirements for system tools vary markedly, and when the system tools are selected, it is difficult to meet the requirements in detail if existing software packages for which functions and window transition have been set in advance are used. This poses a problem of making them cost-effective.

MOSCO, meanwhile, is not packaged as a finished product; rather, it is a half-finished (pattern order type) product in which the necessary patterns are chosen from among several options for implementation. Therefore, it can meet the detailed individual requirements of customers, such as window transition and detailed item control. It can also provide a business system package more quickly at a relatively more reasonable price than when it is assembled from scratch.
Since it is necessary to reconsider the operations and goals from time to time even after system implementation, MOSCO reviews and upgrades tools at a certain interval to ensure that they work effectively at the frontline of sales.

MOSCO currently offers a "template for making sales activities visible," which integrates such functions as daily sales report input, reference and analysis, customer information management. Plans call for more templates to be offered in the future in order to provide business function components that cover sales activities (and customer-related operations) in a comprehensive manner.

Estimated costs for sales reform solutions (as of December 2004)
(1) Sales reform consultation services (the cost will be estimated separately according to the details of customer requirements) (2) System-introduction-related costs
- MOSCO license fee: From \1.6 million for 200 users (not including template, maintenance and customization costs) (Reference) Estimated initial cost for system introduction
For a client having 500 sales representatives: \20-30 million

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