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March 11, 2004

CLEVELAND, OH - March 11, 2004 - NineSigma, Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio-based innovation sourcing firm, announced today that it signed an alliance agreement with Tokyo, Japan-based The Japan Research Institute, Ltd. (JRI). Under the agreement, NineSigma will provide services to JRI's clients to help connect them to external sources of innovation and expertise worldwide.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with The Japan Research Institute," said Vice President of Business Development for NineSigma, Paul Stupay. "We believe that NineSigma's innovation sourcing capability will enable JRI's clients to quickly and efficiently tap into the world's best solution providers and will assist them with technology strategy development and the smooth adoption of external technologies."

NineSigma's clients are Fortune 500 companies spanning a variety of industries including automotive, biomedical, chemical, consumer products, electronics, optics, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications among others. Clients engage NineSigma on projects across the innovation value chain including upstream research, design and development, process improvements, finished products, and new applications and markets for existing technologies.

"By integrating NineSigma's proprietary matching process and global network of technology providers with JRI's consulting skills, we can further enhance our service offerings and create new value for growth businesses who are seeking to evaluate and adopt external technologies," said Senior Consultant for JRI, Akihiko Suwa.

JRI is a Tokyo-based "knowledge engineering" company offering value-added information services through the coordinated application of its think-tank, consulting, and systems integration - More - functions. Established in 1969, JRI has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, New York, and Singapore, and has more than 3,400 employees worldwide. JRI's head office is located at 16 Ichiban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. For more information on JRI, visit www.jri.co.jp/english. NineSigma serves the global research and development industry by facilitating open innovation strategies for clients seeking to acquire technical innovations developed outside their organization. Through its proprietary Managed Exchange (M:XTM) process that utilizes Ph.D.-level program managers, web-based tools, and a database of global solution providers, NineSigma matches technology seekers with unobvious or disruptive innovations faster, more effectively, and at a lower cost than conventional means. For more information on NineSigma, visit www.ninesigma.com.

For more information on the content of this report, please contact
Bronwyn Monroe, NineSigma, Inc. Cleveland, OH USA
Tel: 216-295-4822 E-Mail:monroe@ninesigma.com

Akihiko Suwa, The Japan Research Institute, Ltd.�@Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81(3)3288-4242 E-Mail:suwa.akihiko@jri.co.jp

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